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This Patented Cover Lift System
Provides Unique Benefits

• Improves Energy Efficiency, Saving You Money 
• Makes Operation Of The Cover Simple & Easy
• Enhances Your View During Use

• Plus, Easily Converts Into A Canopy 

• Adds Safety & Convenience
• Built to Last Longer 

This common sense solution is now sold as an upgrade

by most of the industry’s top hot tub and swim spa manufacturers

The Only Cover Requiring Just One Simple Motion to Open or Close


The VacuSeal cover requires the lifter to operate and vice versa 

Unique Options Available 

All hot tub covers include straps with lock systems. For added protection the VacuSeal offers the only lock strap designed for the Lifter and includes a key lock system.

Converts Into A Canopy

For those seeking protection from the sun, would like to use their spa in the rain or snow, or simply want a little more privacy. A separate support arm (requires no screws or bolts) 

Benefits Of The

 and attaches within seconds on either side of your spa.

Saves You Money

Our patented bottom hinge eliminates the space between each cover half and our VacuSeal Lifter provides a slight downward pressure forming a vacuum seal effect that helps prevent loss of heat. The result; dramatic reduction in operating costs

Easy To Use With One Simple Motion

One simple motion eliminates having to first fold over one side of the cover. Plus,our "Reverse Pneumatic Technology" (RPM) with dual gas pistons makes operating the cover simple & easy. Once you begin the motion the lifter takes over and does all the work. Plus, you can operate it from either side of the spa or the front .

Improves Your View From In Your Hot Tub

The only cover that opens internally allows bather to face the attractive exterior cover side that is not exposed to the chemical treated water

Traditional Covers open externally having you face the underside of the cover that within months is discolored from chemical fumes & ozone.

Towel & Robe Holder

The lifting handle for operating the covers also doubles as a convenient and elevated location to hang your towel or robe. This is often one of the many features loved by our customers 

No Adjustment Required After Each Usage

Two Attachment Points: A patented clamp attaches the lifter near the hinge of the cover and a rear support arm snugly fits into a custom sleeve on the cover. This provides smooth and easy operation and assures the cover always returns to the exact original position upon each closure.

Built To Last Longer

Our aluminum body assures prevents rust and is twice the thickness of competitors and the arms are constructed of steel to help prevent damage from the wind. The design eliminates the need of locks to operate, often the primary problem on traditional lifters.

Professional Appearance

The VacuSeal and the Spa Ease 200 are the only lifters to include a decorative cover plate over the mounting bracket to hide the attachment hardware to your spa cabinet . This along with a high - grade powder coated finish provides a professional appearance to your spa.

Lifter Lock




Sunbrella Fabric is the most commonly used outdoor product on Luxury Yachts, Outdoor Furniture, and Awnings. There are many reasons customers upgrade to Sunbrella:

• Lighter In Weight
• Elegant Look
• Lasting Beauty
• Warranty
• Easy To Maintain
Upgrade For $149
Available on all SpaEase Covers 
Available In 4 Designer Colors:


Vacuous Cover    $549
VacuSeal Lifter    $399

Total Cost   $948

Order Now  $749

Choose Any Color
( No added Charge)

Cover Lift

Interested in the VacuSeal
but don’t need a new cover?

The SpaEase 200 Lifter works with virtually any traditional cover and all of its components are identical to the VacuSeal.

The Spa Ease 200 can be easily transformed later into a VacuSeal lifter with the use of our Conversion Kit and the purchase of a VacuSeal Cover.

To learn more about the SpaEase 200 Lifter

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