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Non- Stocking Colors

Stocking Colors

Side Mount Series

Model SM-36

The SM-36 can be installed on any size hot tub or swim spa and includes two mounting locations, with one at the highest point on the cabinet, providing maximum structural support.

Installation takes only about 15 minutes and the rail can be removed and replaced easily within seconds.

Full 360 Swing Arm

The 18” curved arm can be locked at any point for safety and convenience at any angle of entry or exit. 

Retail Price $0000

Sale  $0000

Traditional Rails

Deck Mount Series

Model SF–54

The SF-54 is ideal for any hot tub with a height from 28” to 40” above the deck. It includes a Mounting Base that attaches to the deck along with a Sliding Slip Tee that can be attached at the highest point on the cabinet. This provides the maximum support for user.

No Grounding Required

Our Deck Mount Base is the only one in the industry that does not require Electrical Grounding, making it safer and much less expensive to install. 

Lift – Turn – Lock Technology

The Mounting Base uses a Lift, Turn & Drop System that locks the rail facing either directly into or away from the interior of the hot tub.

Retail Price $0000

Sale  $0000

Internal Steel Tube

Sliding Slip Tee

Allows installation at the highest point in the cabinet on any spa, assuring both maximum structural support.

Locking Knob

Conveniently located on the side of rail for convenient use.

Supports the rail while providing an attractive attachment to the cabinet.

The SM-36 attachment can also be transformed into a unique choice serving trays and beverage holders.

Come with a painted surface that is easily scratched.

Soft to the touch yet virtually indestructible.

The elegant look and silky feel of SpaEase Rails is far superior to all other brands on the market. They are also the only safety rails that come with ten-year 

Beauty That Lasts

 warranty that guarantees they will not fade, discolor, rust, pit, or scale no matter what climate they are exposed to.

Sliding Slip Tee

Allows installation at the highest point in the cabinet on any spa, assuring both maximum structural support.

Internal Steel Tube

Mounting Bracket 

Includes all necessary hardware to attach to your deck

Under Mount Safety Rail 

Safest Rails to Use

The safety in using a rail is highly dependent on how well it is secured to the spa. Deck mounted rails above 36” in height or any side mounted rail should include 2  attachments for safe use. Ideally one attachment should be located at the highest point in the cabinet. This provides the highest level of structural integrity along with the position where most (not all) manufactured spas have a horizontal frame that allows for a secure attachment. 

Optional UM-plate

The UM-54 plate attaches to the Mounting Base of the SF-54 Safety Rail. Once attached slide the plate under the spa and the weight of the spa provides bottom support eliminating the need to attach the Mounting Base to your deck.

Sale  $0000

Retail Price $0000

Low-Profile Deck Mount 

This low-profile Deck Mount Safety Rail is ideal for hot tubs and swim spas sunken into a deck. Designed for models installed less than 22” above deck.

Model SS-36

Includes Mounting Base with Lift, Turn, Drop & Lock Technology.

Sale  $0000

Retail Price $0000

Additional                          Safety Rail Benefits

Cool to the Touch

Our unique thick polymer exterior stays much cooler to the touch than traditional safety rails making them ideal especially in warm weather climates. There is also no need to cover the rail with a foam handle that discolors usually within one season of use.

Slip Resistant

Unlike competitive steel and aluminum rails our external polymer exterior does not absorb water making it slip resistant and safer to use.

Environmentally Friendly

SpaEase Hot Tub Rails are the only ones that have been given the “A Greener Product LLC Certification Seal” confirming that they comply with the LEED and NAHB and may earn credits that contribute to the certification under green building standards

Internal Steel Tube

Easy to Clean

If your SpaEase Rail should experience light scuffing simply use a low-abrasion cleaner such as Original White SOFT SCRUB® or VIM®. Apply with a clean, soft cloth, then buff until clean. Excessive residue can be removed with water.

Simple to Install

Al models are designed to be installed by the average homeowner and include all the necessary hardware.

Our polymer rails have been installed for over 25 years in some of the harshest environments. They are designed to help resist not only the ultraviolet rays of the sun and freezing outdoor temperatures but also salt-water environments and exposure to spa chemicals. They are guaranteed not to rust, corrode, peel, or flake virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

Maintenance Free

Available Colors

90  Elbow Tee 


Pricing on custom sizes are available upon request.

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