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Exclusive “Reverse Pneumatic Technology(RPT)

The pistons assist in raising and closing the cover It also applies a gentle downward pressure to keep the cover sealed

Professional Appearance

A cover plate that is very attractive and most importantly durable along with an applied finish to the lifter, cover, and all the screws with plastic caps.

Lifting Handle Converts
To Robe / Towel Holder

A convenient textured handle provides the perfect place to hang your robe or towel

Side By Side Features

Provides easier removal cover and replacement.

Requires 12” - 14” clearance behind spa.

Sale $000.00

Eliminate the need to drill holes in your spa cabinet or your deck.

Requires 12” - 14” clearance behind spa.

Cover Roller

The Cover Roller DOES NOT ASSIST IN LIFTING COVER. But it is a popular product for helping you remove and replace your cover by pushing cover on and off of a shelf with rollers.

• No Assembly Required – Installs with only a screwdriver.
• Leave up to act as a table or fold down snugly out of sight.
• Fiberglass reinforced poly-carbonate material.

Sale $00.00

The Only Cover Requiring Just One Simple Motion to Open or Close

This Patented Cover Lift System Provides Unique Benefits

• Improves Energy Efficiency, Saving You Money 
• Makes Operation Of The Cover Simple & Easy
• Enhances Your View During Use

• Easily Converts Into A Canopy 

• Adds Safety & Convenience
• Built to Last Longer 

Complete Cover and Lifter System Sale $000.0
Hot Tub Cover Lifter
4 Models to Choose From

Disappears From View

Sale $000.00

Allowing you to easily open or close your cover from either side.

Retail Price $00.00

Won't Obstruct Your View

Includes Dual Hydraulic Shocks

The vision positions your cover fully behind the spa resting it on the deck or patio. 

Fits virtually any hot tub size of shape and can also be deck mounted.

The Most Versatile Lifter Ever

Years of reliable worry free service.

 Cover removal simple and easy. 

Standard Cover Lifter

Easy to Operate

Built to Last

Undermount Cover Lifter

Rests Under Your Spa 

Hydraulic Cover Lifter

Retail Price $00.00
Sale $000.00
Retail Price $00.00

Dual Gas Pistons

Built to the Highest Quality Standards the SpaEase 200 is the only hot tub cover lifter that uses steel where it’s needed, and aluminum where it’s required.

Allows For Adjustment

The SpaEase is truly universal. Multiple points of attachment on the lifting arm allow for easy adjustment.

Built to Last

The SpaEase 200 has a built in safety stop

that helps prevent against unintentional closings.

Lifter/Cabinet Locking Device  

For added security and protection in heavy wind areas

Easily Converts to a 

With the use of a conversion kit the SpasEase 200 can be transformed in a matter of minutes into a VacuSeal.

Sale $000.00
Retail Price $00.00
Sale $000.00
Retail Price $00.00
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